Lately, as I vend, I am hearing (and seeing) people that want to open a dog bakery. This is their right to do, but I caution customers to check credentials to see that they are licensed by the Dept of Agriculture. This does not mean just paying a fee "to belong" means sending your product out to an independent lab for testing and receiving guaranteed analysis. It means having a knowledge of canine nutrition, not only knowing what foods dogs cannot have but what excessive fats and/or proteins can do to a dog's health and welfare. It means knowing how to prepare a product to guard against mold, salmonella, listeria, and E.coli. Hobby bakers that provide a product that needs to be refrigerated can be transporting a prduct that is going bad before you see mold. And SHAME on those hobby bakers that dont tell their customers that their treats need to be refrigerated! There are many out there, unfortunately. It is also taking a great precaution to not allow cross-contamination with any products involving nuts, peanuts especially. It is not just having a love for your pet and baking bones and saying woo-hoo! I can do this! It means everytime you produce a product, you are contributing to the health and welfare of every dog that ingests your product. Jagger's Doggy Deli takes this mission seriously. All I can say is....Buyer Beware! Do your research!
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