Once in awhile, a special "soul-dog" comes into your life.He will know your every thought and emotion and his watchful gaze into your eyes speaks volumes of love. I have been fortunate to have been owned by many of these exceptional mastiffs, but JAGGER shared a special bond with me, and he and I started our adventure into the cookie-making business together.Jagger was my figurehead and CEO. That stands for Chief Eating Officer. I was, and still humbly remain,... chief baker, recipe maker, and bottle-washer.

This is a photo of Jagger and me grabbing some cuddle time at our booth at the Philly show. 
Jagger and his side-kick (and head of quality control )- Raven, tested out all the cookie recipes, along with the taste-testers Stryker,Stone, Layla, Phaedra, Garbo, Sinatra, Preacher, and many others along the way. We started out vending at dog shows and selling to veterinarians. We had to be good to sell to this crowd! The reason I chose the name Deli over Bakery was our unique concept in loose cookie bins, letting the owners pick and choose the flavors they wanted to try. After the initial taste-test, most came back and chose an assortment over any one special flavor....except peanut butter. That dog cookie has been consumed by almost as many humans who were intrigued by the aroma. It was the number one snack at the Indiana MCOA Specialty, where many were dunking them in their coffee!

Although he was known to others by his full name AM/CAN.CH. Fantasy's Sparks Will Fly CGC TDI, he was simply my best friend and soul dog. Simply...JAGGER...

Altho time has passed, and my beloved Jagger passed away in my arms, a new crew of taste testers and Q.C. dogs have taken over at Fantasy Mastiffs. Pictured above is Kane with Jagger. Romeo , Prophet, Passion, Seger, Grace,, and wild-child Roxy will continue to watch over me and make sure that I will continue to make a quality product to the highest standard.
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